Who We Are

Madison Street Renewables (“MSR”) is a platform company established by Northleaf Capital Partners (“Northleaf”).

MSR focuses on acquiring lease income streams generated by renewable power projects across the United States.

MSR provides landowners, developers and other market participants with options to convert their long term wind and solar leases into an immediate lump sum cash payment.

MSR plans to invest $150 million in equity investments through 2025.

solar energy plants

What We Do

Renewable Energy Lease Revenue Acquisitions

MSR acquires interests in rental streams owed by energy companies who have entered into long term wind and solar leases with landowners in order to construct for wind turbines or solar projects the leased land. MSR provides Landowners with the option to monetize these long term leases by making  lump sum cash payments in exchange for the landowner assigning the rights to future rental payments to MSR. 

Why Choose Us

As a result of MSR’s extensive experience working on developing utility scale wind and solar projects, we have a unique knowledge of the industry and relationships with those involved in renewable energy sector.

MSR understands that turning project ideas into reality requires the time, effort, involvement, cooperation, and compromise with landowners, developers, governmental agencies, financial institutions and others (the “Stakeholders”) .

The scale and number of parties involved or impacted by these projects inevitably results in difficult situations that require knowledgeable, reasonable partners.  We have deep experience in this area and can guarantee you that MSR is and always will be a trusted and reliable partner in every opportunity MSR is involved with.

Madison Street Renewables Is A Proud Member Of


The University of Texas Renewable Energy Law Institute