Madison Street Renewables (wholly owned subsidiary of Northleaf Capital) is focused on buying long-term lease income streams and land related to wind and solar energy projects across North America.

MSR provides developers and IPP’s with options to accelerate 30-40+ years of future wind and solar lease payments by converting income streams into immediate upfront cash payments, with zero disruption to the project organizational structure.

Landowning entities may use the proceeds from the sale of a wind or solar lease for:

  • Increased liquidity
  • Development capital
  • Acquisition of other land interests
  • Down payments on equipment purchases and procurement activities
  • Credit and collateral requirements

Project sponsors and landowners may sell some or all lease income rights while also selling or retaining ownership to the related parcel of land.

Madison Street Renewables (“MSR”) is a platform company established by Northleaf Capital Partners (“Northleaf”) in 2022 via the acquisition of Madison Street Group LLC.

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