Madison Street Renewables places a strong emphasis on ensuring any potential transaction process is straightforward, transparent and is completed as quickly as possible. Unlike the more traditional sources of capital (e.g. banks loans, capital raises, etc.) that have standardized minimum criteria and offer a “one size fits all; take it or leave it” type of transaction structure, MSR’s lean and knowledge staff are able to provide for a more personal experience and offer more customized transaction structures that satisfy the landowners’ specific circumstances.

Potential Examples Of Transaction Structures Include:


Subdividing the small portion of land under the the footprint of the turbine and then selling that small plot of land and the wind lease for one large cash purchase price payment.


Granting a long-term easement under or surrounding the wind turbine in exchange for an upfront lump sum payment.


Entering into a loan agreement that is paid off with interest directly from the future lease payments


The following summarizes the typical steps required to commence and complete a standard transaction.

(1) Indicate Interest

Landowner responds via mail, phone or email to MSR with an indication of interest.


(2) Copy Of Lease

Landowner provides  a copy of the wind lease and any other related/pertinent documents or information.


(3) Due Diligence

MSR evaluates the financial terms of the lease and conducts any other needed due diligence.


(4) Lump Cash Offer

Based on that lease review and diligence, MSR then devises and communicates specific lump sum cash offer.

(5) Offer Accepted

When the offer is accepted, then MSR will provide the landowner with the relevant documentation.

(6) Send Payment

The Parties sign the documents, the payment is made simultaneously and notices are sent to relevant parties and documents recorded.

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